Why Are You Here? Back to Basics – Understanding Your Customer

As a business/brand today, marketing platforms and agencies are bombarding us with new and different ways to reach customers. Agencies constantly sending us emails to convince us that they can make our brand more visible, they can drive us more traffic. Promises of understanding user behavior on your website, retargeting and conversion, engagement, and visibility.

But who are we converting? Who are we engaging with? 

Before you start planning your marketing campaigns, assigning budgets, choosing channels creating the brand image, your colors and your fonts, you need to take a step back and understand who really is your customer and why would they really use your product or service. Many have done the exercise (internally or through an agency) of creating a customer profile(s) aka. Persona(s), but unfortunately, we still fail to really understand that customer as we seem to set who we think they should be versus hearing the real customer voice.

We need to go back to basics. We need to dig deep to the core of why a customer would use our product or service. Digging deep will allow us to understand the psychology of the customer as they are approaching our product or service: what makes them go to our website, download our app, go to our store, buy our product?

And this isn’t a question to make us understand how we stand out from the competition this is to make us understand what is/was the need in the first place. For example, why do you buy a hammer? Most likely to place a nail in the wall to hang a frame. If we come up with an alternative way to hang a frame, would that reduce the need for hammers?

Think drills, 3M stickers, or hiring a handyman, for example.

Ask yourself, is my product/service satisfying the customer’s initial need?

The main reason they need a customer would use a “food delivery” app is to have food at home. They will use the “app” for convenience. They would like to have choices and be able to order food from their smartphone easily. But at the end of the day they need the food itself. I had a recent experience with a local food delivery app that I ordered from. The app is easy to use, and I was able to order the food I wanted hassle- free, but then 20 mins later I get a call telling me my order can’t be delivered as their system double ordered with the restaurant and the restaurant canceled both orders. At that poin,didn’t care how easy it was to use the app, how many restaurants they had listed, the color of their buttons, and so forth. In my eyes, they have failed. Not only did they not deliver a meal but it took them 20 minutes to let me know they will not be delivering it. Unfortunately, this wasn’t my only bad experience with them (as no business is 100% free of mistakes). Before working on getting more restaurants listed, showing ratings, having images, sending notifications, making suggestions, which are all great features to have, the initial need – the core business – should have been taken care of. If food is ordered, it HAS to be delivered.

In today’s highly competitive market you always need to do more and add more, to wow the customer, either with the product itself or with your customer service or with the added unexpected extra. However, the core needs to be there otherwise you are simply building up with no foundations.

So just step back, take a really good look at your business, and really focus on the heart of your brand – what really drives the business, and ultimately, your revenue. Just step back, and get back to the basics.

By Dunia Othman, Co-Founder of mrUsta



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